Monday, September 17, 2007

Altered Clothing Thought

Or is that an altered clothing question? My husband (Oldtimer, remember?) has an extraordinary shirt collection. They seem to multiply on their own when the closet lights are off. Almost all of them are what he refers to as "soft shirts," or golf shirts. You know the type - soft knits with a hem or band to finish the short sleeve, a placket front with three or four fake pearl buttons, and a ribbed collar that is bent up at the teps when you take it out of the dryer.

Last week, Oldtimer sorted through his closet, and found a bunch of stuff to be cleaned and pressed before winter storage, and a small load of items he no longer wants to take up room in his closet. We regularly donate clothing to the collection boxes we've found nearby, but this small load of unwanteds - mostly good shirts that I've shrunk in the dryer or are colors that are uncomfortable for him - seemed to call my name.

This style shirt is not "me." I know that a lot of women will wear this style, but it's just a little too tailored for my taste. I put one on and I look like a fat boy. Not that I'm a wild or frou-frou dresser, mind you, but these shirts just make me feel like a pretender. I can't explain it.
BUT...I was thinking...I ought to be able to alter these somehow. Slit them up the front and applique images? Paint or stencil? Mix up the parts between them? Can I turn them into a jacket or sweater? Don't know...I just know I don't want that neckline nor do I want that efficient, just-a-little-too-high short sleeve with the tailored ending.

Any of you ever alter a golf shirt? Any brilliant ideas? Or should I just cut off the buttons and add them to my collection?


Kai said...

I'd love to see what you could make for yourself from one of those shirts! Your sewing abilities are excellent, so I suspect you would figure a way to incorporate them into a very nice piece for your wardrobe! I have so many things I WISH I had the skill to alter! Try one of the shirts! (That was a challenge - LOL!) Bet you come up with a winner!

Ricë said...

you should post photos of them to the files at the altered artwear group and ask for suggestions!