Friday, September 21, 2007

Her Name is Sadie,and My Ribbon Wall

It's taken this long, but Oldtimer finally has a name for his truck - Sadie. For some reason, the name just struck him as the right one (despite it being his grandmother's name). Personally, with all her shiny add-ons, and ruby luscious-ness, I thought she should be Jezebel, but then, she's not my vehicle to name. I do have to say that I LIKE this truck, as much as I disliked the last one. This truck rides a little more like a car, the "back seat" is very convenient (after nine years of riding home from the grocery store with the bags of groceries stacked around my feet), and we still have the convenience of the bed in back for hauling branches and trimming to the city mulch pile (and all the other weirdness we seem to haul around).

My Oldtimer has no qualms about USING his vehicles, and really doesn't worry about scratches and normal wear and tear. He'd had Sadie just over a week when he was asked to help a friend haul about 1500 pounds of landscape stones, which he did quite happily - in two trips. Still, he's added a few things to keep Sadie safe and tidy - bed liner, visors over the windows, and shiny tie down rails. Oh! And that bug-guard thingy on the front.

Now, in other news, I have been asked to post a photo of my ribbon wall. These wooden hooks are some that we got from an antique auction, very primitive, and I had big plans for them in my country/primitive kitchen in this house. Unfortunately, the house had other ideas, and the kitchen didn't end up so primitive after all, so the hooks were put to good use in my treehouse, storing ribbons. Problem is, I don't use the ribbons much from these hooks - they've become a decor element!
Remember my post on July 4 about proclaiming my independence, and using my supply of STUFF liberally and freely? I've found the other limitation to my doing so. I'm getting very hemmed in by all my STUFF. I divested myself of a great deal of it before we moved, but I've accumulated new since arriving in Ohio, and I am such a magpie... I loved working in my treehouse above the store when we were in NC. I had about three times the fabric I have now, all on metal shelves, and defining my workspace in a larger area. I had all my STUFF, but I had room to spread out and work. I'm finding myself working smaller and smaller, feeling the pressure on my elbow room, and feeling stingy as I go. All my work surfaces have things encroaching from the edges, I've run out of shelf space, and there isn't even room on the floor to spread out a cutting board (the room is only 6 feet wide before you add in the shelves and base drawers). I have to find a solution, but the only one I can think of is to get rid of a few things, and I'm not ready to do that yet. I'm already regretting some of the fabric I gave away, LOL!

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Kai said...

Woooooohoooo! "Sadie, Sadie, sexy lady" so the song goes! And that ruby truck IS a sexy lady! Good name! Your ribbon wall looks so pretty & festive! I'm sorry to say my ribbon is tucked in a number of boxes, all of which are in the closet intended for coats and such. And it's an inconvenient royal PAIN to get them OUT. But it's the only place FOR them in this house. I, too have been considering downsizing. But putting away - or worse, TOSSING OUT - any of my stash is like a mini-murder! Arrrrgggh! Throw out those wonderful STICKS? That collection of scrubbed-clean creamer bottles? The stems from which I beheaded all those silk flowers? How COULD I? It's hard. But I am guessing if I DID find the nerve to actually DO it, within a week one of two things would happen: I'd NEED the very thing I tossed, or I'd go out & get MORE things because, after all, I WOULD have the room! So I relate. And I feel your pain. LOL!