Sunday, September 30, 2007

Today's Question, Puzzling Personalities

I've joined an altered artwear group, mainly because I keep thinking I should be able to make something for myself with these shirts that Oldtimer no longer wants. Any ideas? I'm thinking that with at least one of them I'll try cutting it up the front, cutting off the placket and collar, and probably slitting it up the side as well - lay it out on a piece of fabric, cut the fabric to the same shape, sew around it, and have it a reversible jacket. Then I can embellish, embroider, patch, etc. BUT - what do I do with those sleeves? You can't make a jacket with those sleeves.

Here's a shot of the sleeves I can't abide, and can't figure how to adjust:
Today's work was on two of the Puzzling Personalities I'm making for the swap I'm hosting on the CPS list. This one is called Mysterium Steps Out in Her Posh Frock:
And this one is The Heart of Atlantis:
No soap made yet, but the day's not over!

PS - Diane on the CPS list posted this link for FABULOUS fabric collage work. Visit when you get a chance - don't forget to go through all the galleries - I love this gal's work!


jude said...

I have altered men's shirts by cutting up the front and removing the collar. I found an easy solution to those dumb looking sleeves. I shortened them (way too long for a woman) and then just did a zigzag stitch around the edge while stretching the fabric. The end result is a nice ruffled look. Try it:)

Phyl said...

I love the puzzle dollies! And as for the golf shirts: you can make pillow "monsters" for kids and grown-ups! Cut collar and sleeves off; sew seam straight across top of shirt (side to side);also sew up sleeve holes.Fill w/polyfill and sew straight across bottom closed.With yarn needle and fat yarns, stitch a mouth and eyebrows; use large buttons for eyes; pinch up "ears" shapes at each top corner and wind yarn at base; they will sit up. Clear as mud? Will find photo to send.....also:will the shirts take dyes?

Judi Wellnitz said...

Love the monster idea! I don't do clothes so I have no suggestions for you. I love the puzzle pieces, too cool!

Jacque Uetz said...

Well Sue I think you should just cut the sleeves off and a little more under the arms if needed and make a vest out of them.Cut open each side do your patch work ( so you can work flat) then sew them back up..Send one our way we will fix it up for you in the RR LOL!!!
Love your little ATD's you are good!!

Kai said...

Well, this is from one who doesn't sew, but if you are going to make a reversible jacket ANYWAY, why not use the reverse side fabric to cuff over that original sleeve? Does that make sense? You know - make the cuff so it folds up and perhaps buttons on either side. I can picture it, but I'm not explaining myself well. The two doll pieces are GREAT! You are a pro at altered dolls! Love them!