Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hint of Fall

We went early this morning to a shoreside park on Lake Erie. We should have taken our morning coffee there. I was looking for the green lumpy things I found there last year, around Thanksgiving...the name escapes me. Wait! I remember - Osage Orange. It's too soon, I think. The picky balls from the sweet gum trees haven't dropped yet either. Here's the fruit on the tree (photo from last year):
I was able to get some nice shots of the foliage just beginning to change, and a few late wildflowers, as well as the moon still in the sky over the lake.

My Oldtimer has been working (between coughing spells!) on removing the small rocks from the so-called garden area near the front of the house. We plan to replace them with mock sandstone pavers and use pots for plants and color. It will be easier to clean up after the dogs if we don't have small rocks. He was working yesterday and noticed how nice the light was, filtering through the maple trees and onto the front of the house. Lovely, isn't it?

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Kai said...

Osage Orange - I've never KNOWN what those were called. Are they really edible? Your flower & foliage photos are wonderful! I think you take magazine-quality pictures, Sue! And your house & property. Sigh ... Peaceful, inviting, gorgeous!