Monday, September 10, 2007

Pond Life

It was a good weekend for wildlife at the ol' homestead. This heron made three trips to graze at the side of the pond. I think he has developed a liking for those brightly colored goldfish - easy to find, even in the blue-dyed water.
He's kind of cranky-looking, isn't he?And every time we stepped off the deck and tried to get nearer for a photo-op, he flew away. This was one of his more notable take-offs:
We've also had a turtle take up permanent residence at the pond. I've asked my friend Dawn to identify it, but we don't have a firm answer yet. Any turtle folks out there?

And this plant...I just love the way it looks, growing at the side of the pond.
Though we have yet to see deer at the pond, we know they've been there by the hoofprints at the edge. It's a busy place!

By the way, another name for a heron is "shidepoke," which was another nickname belonging to Lolo. She hated that name, referring to her long, thin legs.


Lily White said...

Your pond life pics are beautiful. I'd love to look out and see that every day. You've created quite a peaceful setting.

JudiA said...

Oh my... what a beautiful and peaceful yet lively spot you have created. I know in my heart that I do not have what it takes to manage the upkeep on a pond, but... I still want one. Have you drawn in any raccoons yet?


Judi Wellnitz said...

Your pond is doing well if it has developed a following! Soon the deer will be stopping by too! :-)

Ricë said...

i think that turtle is a "slider," whatever that is. i'll send a link to my friend becky, who knows all about them--

Chicote said...

I thought slider at first but I have 6 of them so it's not that since there's no red above the eyes. It looks to me like its probably the next most common one which is an eastern paint turtle.

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Fairbanks, Alaska

Ricë said...

yep, you're right: becky says it's a painted turtle, like the one here: