Saturday, September 08, 2007

Lolo's Photo

This is a picture of my mom, aka Lolo. Actually, her name was Delores, but her brother (my dear uncle) called her Delolo, and Lolo stuck.

I found this photo tonight while I was digging through some family photos, looking for one of myself. This photo reminded me of so many things, especially how she loved to be silly or what she *thought* was controversial, at times. She loved to play tricks on me. I was just six years old when my brother was born. I still remember her telling me to stick my tongue in the baby's ear because it was sweet, like honey, so I did. Do you know what earwax tastes like? Even relatively new clean earwax from a baby who's bathed daily? When I told her it was bitter, she said it must have been the wrong ear, and yep, I tasted the other one! Incidentally, she continued to play tricks on me and mine, after she crossed over. Exploding dishes in the cupboard, smoke in the basement, unlabeled men's underwear in the dryer (in a house of all females).

My mom was a city gal, and most of the photos I have of her in her youth make her look very glamorous. However, she met my dad (and married him three months later), and all he wanted was a place in the country and horses. When he and my mom were first married, they built a riding stable, building the 20 X 20 clubhouse and their home, all as one, complete with outhouse. My mother, the city gal, was terrified of country living, and bugs, and horses, and she never liked dogs much either. Here's an unglamorous picture of her, being terrified of all that the country has to offer, and thinking she's not showing it. In case you haven't guessed, I resemble my dad. Obviously I don't take after my mom in the weight department! I'm also not afraid of bugs -- I was on call yesterday in the office to kill the ants crawling on the window sill in by boss' office!

I'll scan and upload one of her more glamorous photos soon.


Kai said...

Your mother was a beauty, for SURE! But you are dead wrong, my lovely friend! True, you may have resembled your father, TOO, but you DEFINITELY resemble your mother! Oh, did she ever RADIATE fun! It shone in her eyes! You wouldn't have had to tell me she was full of tricks & 'naughtiness' because she wore it in the sparkle of her iris and just behind her smile! I would have loved her! I look forward to seeing more photos of her!

Lily White said...

What fun! The picture of Lolo in the hat is a riot! And yes, she has that naughty "LaPointe Woman" sparkle in her eyes! You and I have it too!!!