Monday, August 20, 2007

Super Macro

We're still learning how to use our camera, which is almost a year old now. It's a Canon S2 1S and it's really worked out well for us. We've had three digital cameras before this one, one of the first Polaroids on the market, one good, one terrific (a Nikon given to me by my friend, Phyllis). This Canon came about because of a heated discussion between my dear husband and myself, when the camera I was using was always under his influence, and then it (the Nice Nikon) just gave up the ghost. Supposedly, this Canon is *my* camera. Of course, it's really our camera.

I'm very capable when it comes to technical stuff. If I read the manual, I usually put things into practice, and I retain the instructions for the most part. Notice I said "if" I read the manual. I read enough to get some grab shots, I read enough to do some depth of field shots on flowers last summer, and I've kind of let it go from there.

Dear Husband looked up the manual on line, knowing we should be able to get better shots than I did with the charms yesterday. I told him I figured out the macro button, it's always a flower, but he had to investigate further. I'm glad he evidenced by the above shot of a calculator in lamplight. Amazing isn't it, that something as common as the buttons on a cheap calculator can look so artistic. Guess I'll let him keep using "my" camera, LOL!


Judi Wellnitz said...

That does look neat. I have yet to figure out how to get the super macro button to work. Let me know how to do it, puleeeeze ....

Kai said...

You really have taken some great shots with that camera! It has enhanced your photos of flowers so much that they look as tho' I could lean in and SMELL them! Do ALL cameras have super macro buttons? (STOP LAUGHING!)