Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pets & Plants

Tuesday evening I went outside to play with the camera macro and super macro settings again. I planned to focus on flowers, especially the beautiful new brugmansia blooms.

However, Cosmo and the Hairy Boys decided to stick close to me. Cosmo and I had a few up close and personal moments, as we both reclined on the deck to get a good look at each other.

There are more photos of plants, dogs, and cat, here:

I don't know the name of this new brugmansia, which blooms a pale cream color and transforms to a pale pink. It's stunning, seeing the different colors on one plant. The larger, older brug is a Dr. Seuss. It, too, blooms a pale yellow and transforms to a dark yellow. It has a strong, clean, soapy scent in the evening. If they weren't so difficult to over-winter in this climate, I think I would fill the yard with brugs. And hydrangeas. Maybe a peach tree. More irises.


Judi Wellnitz said...

Hey no fair - you are taking great photos but won't share how to get the super macro button to work. I still haven't figured it out, LOL. Even after reading the book!

Kai said...

Those flowers are absolutely YUMMY! Like Jude, I read my entire instruction book - printed out from the internet when you first gave me the camera - but there's nothing about super macro so I super surrender. LOL! I DID click on and see ALL your photos! Wonderful! Duh - I don't know WHY I kept thinking you had TWO dogs & Cosmo. Didn't realize you have three! You KNOW I love (and admittedly SAVED a copy of) that reclining picture of Cosmo the adorable!

JudiA said...

"super macro"??? oh geez... just about the time I think that I have read the book, read the manual, and have practiced everything, I find that there is still so much I don't know. I WILL try harder, even though I SWEAR... I DID read the manual! Gorgeous photos Sue, really brilliant. And yes, I really WANT to do that! WILL try harder!!

who is going to the coast for the weekend, and hereby resolves to leave trashy novel behind and bring along all her digital photography books, including the camera manual!