Monday, August 06, 2007

Old Photos, 1

I've told lots of people about my large family (50 first cousins!) and how my childhood home was the center of family gatherings almost every weekend, all through my youth. We had picnics, we played tag and hide-n-seek, we had a rope swing in the hayloft.

My brother wasn't born until I was nearly 6, but as you can see by this photo, our weekend company made me feel as though I had a houseful of siblings!

(1953 photo of me, Uncle Robert, Aunt Janet, Cousin Debbie, Aunt Rosie, Aunt Linda)

With thanks to the other uncle not pictured here who has faithfully scanned and sent many of the family photos in his albums. PS - See that adorable little girl with the bow in her dark curly hair and the sweet little polka dot dress? That's NOT me. I'm the other little one, in the sensible play clothes with the practically non-existent hair. Nothing has changed.


Kai said...

You are the DARLING little girl with the big, happy smile! Love this photo! I look forward to seeing LOTS more pictures! Hint, hint!

Jacque Uetz said...

Love your family pic Sue and oh those memories are wonderful aren't they.You was just as cute as a baby as now:)I love reading blogs like yours .I wish I could get into it more!

Lily White said...

I read your description, but I couldn't see me hiding in there at first! Then I noticed the bow and... Oh!! It's me!

I'm up and at 'em on a Saturday morning, preparing Turkey Dried Cherry pasta salad for the LaPointe Reunion at Sandy's. I'll especially miss you today. Wish you were here!