Friday, August 11, 2006

Fabric for Wearable Art

I'm a member of several online groups that touch on many of my interests, and encourage me to expand and try new things. One of those is a Yahoo group called ClothPaperStudio. For whatever reason, I participate in, and help host, a lot more swaps there than most of my other groups.

Right now, six of us are signed up to make a piece of embellished or altered fabric, which will then be swapped with our two partners, and we're (hopefully) to use the decorated panels to make ourselves some wearable art. The thought behind it all is that an 18 X 30 panel is large enough to make one of the two front sides of a vest.

I have a couple of nice pieces of batik that I thought I would alter, each of which suits the preferences of my two swap partners. However, I started doing some practice techniques on other fabrics, and I already love this one -- it may become the panel for one of the swap partners!

The fabric is a two-tone red, almost on the salmon side of red, with a print that is like a modified paisley. I've been working with Bo Nash bonding powder and Angelina fibers and stuck decorative fibers between the Angelina and the fabric. I know what I want to do next, which involves more of the same fabric, torn black fabric, stamping and bonding. Luckily, I don' thave to have this done till October, because I'm running way behind! PS -- got the angelina and the bo at Joggles -- http://


Judi said...

This sounds interesting - can't wait to see what it's like when it's done!

Kai said...

And RED! Wooooohooooo! LOL! I am soooo interested in the process and the progress of this because (1)it's already looking pretty, (2)I just got my first Angelina fibers & I haven't used them, so I want to see what they do, and (3)I know if YOU'RE making this, it will be beautiful! No DOUBT about that! So PLEASE, show us the various stages as you work!!! Can't wait to follow this!

StegArt said...

Looking good Sue, I didn't join this swap, but I'm anxious to see the results. Terri