Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Never wig during a full moon.

Oh my. My working with Tibetan lamb most closely resembles a lady wrestler with an octopus. I don't fare well. I had enough sense to leave work early today, rather than having a cat fight with a co-worker, so I should have had enough sense to continue sleeping on the lounge chair on the deck, rather than trying to play in the treehouse.

Go Gently Starchild needed her limbs attached and since I managed to do that in relatively short order, I thought I could wig, too. know that visual thing I told you about? It didn't work for helping me find my Exacto knife. Well, it worked, but not till the fourth or fifth visualization! I took a break and checked mail, and Cosmo checked out Starchild...and approves. See?

When I decided to pose her after wigging, Cosmo continued to inspect...

For the most part, I'm done with the construction. I still have to style her hair, but now I get to start dressing and accessorizing her. I'm a little disappointed with her feet, as they are a little bulkier than I anticipated. I think I'm going to make her sandals and paint her toenails, rather than the shoes that are part of the pattern.


Judi said...

I love the color of the wig! Now why won't you show us her feet? LOL. She's coming along great!

Kai said...

Sue, I agree with Cosmo! LOL! She's got MY approval, too! Seriously, she is coming along beautifully! You're scaring me tho'. If YOU are having difficulty with the Tibetan wool, I dread to see how I manage it. Yes, I have some! Yikes! I love her AND her beautiful name! Peaceful! Lovely! And shoes, sandals, are whatever, she will be marvelous!