Sunday, August 06, 2006

Other DIPs

I have other dolls in progress. Actually, many of them get to near-completion and then wait. My Oracle doll from several years ago still needs shoes. Right now, one of the dolls in progress is the second Ancient Icon doll from a Pearl Moon class. This is what I have done so far:

The kit for the class included two faces, and we were supposed to make the third. It didn't work well for me, and rather than give up entirely, I decided to alter this face that I bought from Joggles.

And the other doll that is sitting on my table so I don't yank my hair in frustration is this "Medusa" doll. Originally, I bought the pattern to help "test" it. I had a lot of trouble with the instructions and decided that since the only way I would complete it was to go my own way with it, mine wouldn't be a very good example for her. (I thought testing included proofreading the instructions, but I was wrong.) As you can see, so far I've made two heads, one needle sculpted, one not. Both of them have had the rudimentary features painted out with gesso, and I have to start over. Faces...oh, do I have trouble with faces! Also, this doll is made with knit fabrics, and I don't do as well with knits in cloth dolls...and then, there's the problem of giving up and using glue to attach the torso to the lower section -- as I said, probably not a good example. Anyway, here's Medusa, to date:

You have to admit, that's a pretty fun fabric for the lower portion, although I did consider giving it away in one of the ugly fabric swaps on the CPS list. Some day I'll finish her, because I think she'll be a lot of fun (and you should see the fabulous Tibetan lamb plate I bought for her hair!) but right now...she makes me a little crazy, LOL!

I have lots of things I want to work on in the treehouse, beyond dolls. I have everything to make the valances for my kitchen windows, I am altering a couple pieces of fabric for a swap, and I have bunches of unusual "fabrics" and neat imported papers, to put together kits to sell. And then....there's the lure of the soaproom (and orders to ship!) and tending the garden, and books to read, and magazines to view... and back to work tomorrow. Some days I really wonder about people who say they are bored. I wonder what that feels like.


Kai said...

Oh, you HAVE to finish these dolls! The fabrics are terrific, and I KNOW you! You'll end up turning them both into something very special! Besides - who says you have to stick with the original plan, right? They'll TELL you who they want to be! LOL! Most of all, DO finish the doll you are working on just for YOU! She's going to be wonderful, Sue! And I'm with you, by the way. WHAT'S 'BORED'?

Linda said...

I know what you are talking aboput re: unfinished projects. I have them sitting all over my studio. Some of them just need their costumes. I think that is why I don't finish them- I hate making the costumes and struggle with it.-LOL!
Linda F from FL

Linda said...

I just finished reading your entire blog. I love the way you write. Your profile...I thought I was the only person in the world that even remembered the movie "Drop Dead Fred!"
Linda P
aka Auntie Linda