Saturday, August 19, 2006

A few more beads

I have less than a week to complete the beaded doll for the CPS swap! I've been beading every night, and I'm still not done! I bought beautiful doll blanks from Monica Magness on ebay, and of course I had to choose the *largest* one to bead for this swap. I have the front pretty well finished, the back is about 2/3 done, and then I still want to add some beaded fringing, as well as the face, and bead hair. Here's what the back looks like now:

I don't think the front looks much different right now than last time I posted, but just in case, here's that one:

Also, I was excited today to receive Patti Culea's email newsletter, and to find that her next book is on beaded dolls. I love Patti's patterns and her books, and to find that she's also giving a chapter to two other doll artists who bead, Anne Hesse in particular, makes me very happy! I have made several of Anne's no rules faces, and I love them.

Back to the doll at hand...I have several face choices for this doll, and none of the three or four has yet announced that it's the chosen face. I hope I find out soon!


Kai said...

I hadn't seen EITHER side before now! BEAUTIFUL! The colors are rich & delicious! You have a way with colors that I wish I had! I tend to fall into old habits - reds & more reds. You'll get her finished on time, and I can't wait to see her!

Judi said...

That beading sure does take up tons of time! Better you than me, LOL. She's looking wonderful!

Linda said...

Love the beading, Sue!
Linda F from FL