Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Heart of Magic

Since last November, I've been one of five in a group for a round robin on the Wildartdolls list. Like many RR's, this one has been fraught with set-backs and delays, but ultimately, my group of five has nearly completed. Only one participant is waiting for her doll, but she knows where it is, and why it's delayed.

I started with a basic "wild angel" from a pattern I received when I took Li Hertzi's online class a couple years ago. I made the shape and decided it might not work, as I used a totally inappropriate fabric -- one of those slinky jersey-like knits with the coat of liquid silver patterning. After sewing the doll body, and turning it right side out, stuffing distorted and stretched and filled the body amazingly. Since my other RR doll on this list has been missing for years, I decided it was ok to send a doll that didn't have as much emotional investment. While my rationale for sending this doll may have been faulty, my decision to do so certainly was a good one! I received one of the most magnificent dolls, with work by doll artists I really respect.

Here's what the blank doll looked like when she left my hands:

She started first with Judi Reimer, who did the fabulous beading, and the gorgeous face.

Next in line was Ellen Mechling, who added the fur and cape. Next came Brenda Butler, who gave her a crystal ball on a table. Next, Kathy White, who beaded the cape and added fish line in case I wanted to suspend her.

And finally, Terri Moison, who added to the facial features, and gave the feathery aspect to her feet and hands, to enhance the feeling of motion and flying.

Aren't the results amazing? (Note the journal that traveled with her!)


Kai said...

FABULOUS! First opportunity I've had to see anyone's start-to-finish progress of a Round Robin piece! I LOOOOOOVE that fabric you used! It gave an entirely different canvas for the RR participants to embellish! And the result is a VERY pretty & unique doll! Love her!

shashi said...

She is lovely and everyone has done such lovely work on her. I am waiting for mine to come back to me in a RR I am taking part in.

brenda said...

oh my god look at that doll.. outstanding.bren

Judi said...

she's just gorgeous! what a nice surprise that must have been.