Friday, June 29, 2007

Cool Summer Evenings

A cool front came through yesterday. Though the skies threatened rain all day, we weren't fortunate enough to get any. It was the perfect evening for enjoying the deck (after fixing supper, touring the pond, play time with the dogs, watering the deck plants, and finishing the laundry). Though dusk had set in, I told Gerry that I wanted to go outside, try to read in the half-light, and simply enjoy the evening.

It didn't take long, sitting in my chair with light breezes brushing bare shoulders, to realize that the evening was significantly cooler than the previous one. Gerry brought me a light throw from the sofa to cover my shoulders, so I wouldn't disturb the dogs -- each had taken up some reclining position near me. So there I was, remembering the light summer breezes of my youth, the times we would make a tent of old blankets in the back yard and "sleep out," and guess what happened? Yes, I drifted off.

It was deliciously soothing and relaxing. And, true to form, my dear husband had to get a photo...and obviously stirred up all the dogs except Buddy. (See him on the chaise next to me?)
The deck flower pots are filling in beautifully. Each one is a burst of color, fragrance, and texture, and the blending of them all together is a visual delight.

Here's to soft summer breezes, lush plants, and the pleasant memories they make!

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Kai said...

I commented to you via email last night about the blog links and INCREDIBLE flowers, so I will go ahead to these latest blog posts! First of all, I can't even IMAGINE going outside in June and NEEDING A THROW. Well - unless it's to ward off mosquitoes. You look so peaceful, adorable, and comfortable! Glad you had that lovely time to yourself. You deserve it!