Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Gentle Summer Saturday

What a lovely Saturday this has been. We haven't been under any real pressure to complete a project, so we've been taking our time, puttering in the gardens and deck pots, having breakfast out, taking little cat naps. We also visited a new-to-us garden shop, six miles away and "in the country," where we found the rock we'd like to use to build a little deck near the pond. It seems to be a better day for planning and dreaming than actual doing.

I was inspired by a post at Tongue in Cheek (here - 3rd photo down) to make use of a "fire bucket" I was given while living in NC. Here's my version:

I'm hoping that it will fill in with the lushness of the inspiration photo.

About 20 of the feeder goldfish that we put in the pond have made themselves known to us. Last night, as Gerry & I walked around the perimeter of the pond, one of those little goldfish actually jumped! Even when we know where they are in the pond, it's easy to lose sight of them, so we were really happy to get a good glimpse of the orange-y school drifting through the deep part of the pond.

Today I'm feeling so very fortunate. My dear husband and I had a peaceful and charming day, simply enjoying our home, doing small tasks, and congratulating ourselves on knowing how to relax.

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Kai said...

Three cheers for RELAXING! Your fire bucket is already very pretty! And planning & dreaming - along with intervals of cat napping - are GOOD things!