Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mental Health Through Blogs

For me, certain magazines are like taking a mini-vacation. I used to treasure the weekend following the arrival of Victoria magazine. What a loss to my personal well-being when first they changed the content, and later they just discontinued the magazine.

Though I don't feel quite as strongly about Romantic Homes magazine, it still provides a great deal of pleasure and inspiration. This past week, the August issue arrived, and when I spotted some gorgeous photos of vintage linens and lace, I had to read the fine print. That lead me to this blog, and while I'm certainly not the first to discover it, I want to share with you here -- it's called Tongue in Cheek - I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I.

With one thing leading to another the way it does (especially on the internet), the Tongue in Cheek blog lead me to another, called L'Armoire de Suzanne and though I neither read nor speak a lick of French, I take away enough via the photos to give me a little "soul trip."

It's odd to grandparents (maternal) spoke French in the home, mostly when they didn't want their children to know what they were discussing. They were adamant that THEIR children would speak English. I could have used a smattering of French when Gerry and I took our anniversary trip to Paris a few years ago. Of course, I got by. It's amazing what you can communicate with pointing, shrugging, and holding up the proper number of fingers for quantity. I could always tell when they were asking for money, and then I could just point to my dear husband!

I hope you enjoy this little blog tour, and that it fills your heart the way it did mine.

(Here's a picture of my dear husband, the one who always paid, at the top of the Arc de Triomphe.)

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Linda Fleming said...

Loved that blog you gave the link for. Wouldn't it be wonderful to go thru an attic which such lovely old things? Oh my- that lace and all those linens.