Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh, my!

Can you believe it's been three and a half weeks since I last posted? That's just about how long we've been having out of town guests, and that alone really affected my computer time. We had glorious visits with adult children, grandchildren, and explored our "new" home further. We've had the opportunity to explore local fishing and lakes, good bakeries, ethnic foods, shopping, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, book reading, all kinds of wonderful stuff!

In between cleaning house, doing laundry and the multiple little jobs one does to prepare for (and recover from) guests, I did finally complete my charms (inchies) for a charm swap and I trimmed, labeled, and shipped soaps for the Soapnuts NINTH annual State Soap Swap. I dithered about what state to create soap for, as you can do the state you live in, the one you wish you lived in, or one from your past. Mine's a little more general than any of those, though. I'm pleased with the scent, the all new formula, and the labeling. Unheard of in a swap soap.

The rest of the summer is ahead of us with no travel plans, no more expected guests. As I told someone else in a recent email, "we are now going back to being funny old people, puttering in the garden, and having quiet, companionable meals that contain vegetables." I'll post some pix soon.


Denise in PA said...

Now I'm even more intrigued...I can't wait to see/sniff your SSS soap! :) I'm so glad everything turned out great for your soap. Now...get recovering from guests! ;)

Kai said...

LOL! Sue, you & Gerry are anything BUT 'funny old people'! But I'm glad that, though you enjoyed all aspects of your guests, you have your life back, veggies and all! I'd missed your blogging, by the way!