Wednesday, June 27, 2007

LIfe Requires Flowers

One of my personal sayings, part of my personal belief system. Life requires flowers.

When the kids and grandkids were here, I spent some time at the park where they were fishing, taking close-ups of rain-kissed blossoms. They threw fishing lines and rocks in the water, and I wandered and took photos.

This was at the park - it appears to be a forget-me-not. It was much more blue in real life.
These peonies were blooming near the deck stairs in our back yard. They are rather overwhelmed by a pine tree, but I found them peeking out. I'm enchanted with that double, double pale pink. This bunch is in a pitcher on the dining room table.

OK, so this isn't really a flower, it's moss. And it has a slug creeping on it. But I was already doing close-ups while wandering the park, and isn't the texture of that moss fascinating, close up? And really, the slug isn't nearly as creepy as when you find him on your leaf lettuce in the kitchen sink.
Also at the park...a beautiful, rain-kissed yellow flag.
Near the yellow flag, the pink rhododendron. Look at that detail! All that complexity, in a little tiny bloom.

This close-up is of one of last year's brown-eyed Susan blooms.
This from a huge coleus I had on the deck last year. Love those colors!
Really not a close-up, but I love the layering and texture of the dark daylilies in front of foliage and "Never Ending Summer" hydrangeas.
REAL close-up of the center of the brown-eyed Susan. It's an amazing design, when you think about it. Yes, it's a little blurry, but when you zoom in that closely, you have to hold your breath and hope for the best! Closer view of the hydrangea blossoms. I just love hydrangeas.

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