Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend projects

Well, I hate to admit it, but I am awfully spoiled and indulged. I have practically made a career of complaining about the cost of raising three children in Minnesota, the way my ex short-changed me, and what the election of "W" did to the value of our retirement fund.

However, I don't go without, especially at this point in my life. Gerry is so quick to pick up on every little thing I might say I want, I have to be careful what I wish for. Case in point: Last week, I mentioned that I've been wanting a serger. So many of the new clothing and bag patterns that are making their way into my sewing room give seam allowance instructions for sergers. My ten year (or more?) hiatus from sewing left me in a different century! I showed Gerry the one I thought would be best for me, and the phone calls began..."Order it!" And "Have you ordered it yet?" And "You better get it before the price goes up!"

So, somewhat guiltily, I ordered a serger (via Amazon) last Wednesday. It arrived on my doorstep Friday afternoon. I made this bag yesterday. I used that wonderful pre-appliqued primitive fabric I got at the sewing expo in March, and I used a piece of batik from my stash for the lining. The lining is so striking, I'm kind of sorry that it's hidden. Here are a couple of photos:

Also over the weekend, I put the finishing touches on the two Artist Trading Dolls I'll be contributing to the swap (which I'm hosting). We all used the same template (provided by Sherry Goshon, an extraordinarily generous doll designer). The gals that participated came up with some wonderfully unique creations. Here's the first of mine, titled "Brilliant with Hope."

And here's the other, titled "Flower Child." I made this one with some really unique petals, some sort of tortured material, I think, sent to me by my friend Phyllis:

Here's the one I didn't finish. Oddly enough, of all the bases I made, this was my favorite, but I didn't know how to embellish and decorate this one. I'll work on it later.

I have a zillion things I want to make right now, mostly clothing for myself. The problem is, I put back a bunch of weight with all the guests we had and the indulgent eating we did! Still, purses won't make my hips & tummy look bigger, so I can work on those till I get the other parts under control again. I have dreams of flowing artistic pants, funky jackets, simple but drapy tops.

Watch for another post on our father's day weekend project. We really tortured some shrubbery. Good thing Gerry's favorite thing to do is work -- that I can give him. (I *did* give him a watch, and he got plenty of other goodies from the kids.)


Kai said...

Well, I for one am HAPPY that you got yourself a serger! What a wonderful purse! Love both the outside AND the lining! You have a fine eye for fabrics and for colors! I also love he ATDs! I think my fave is the first one! Sue, I saw your recent photos & you are beautiful so don't even CONSIDER a couple of little pounds! Bah! Make yourself those articles of clothing! You will look STUNNING in them!

Shashi Nayagam said...

I love your ATD's they are wonderful

Lily White said...

What do you mean, you hate to admit it??? I think you LOVE it!!!

Lucky You!!