Saturday, July 14, 2007

Almost Done!

I worked on Go Gently Starchild quite a bit today. Of course, I spent nearly two hours teaching myself how to thread the serger, and learning that the lower looper didn't want to work with decorative thread.
All that remains to be done are shoes/sandals for her feet, and eyelashes. This doll isn't going to be heavily embellished with beads and sashes and embroidery. The effect here, I think, comes more from the layers of fabrics. Initially, I thought she'd be a little more glitzy, but her demeanor is such that she told me that all she needs are small bits of sparkle, not big jolts of glitz. Incidentally, since you aren't here to check for yourself, yes, she has panties. They are pristine white, real silk.

Last night I used Dye-Na-Flow in three different colors to tint the cotton crochet lace at her wrists. There's also a bit of lace under the wrap, at the bodice, but you can't really see it here.

My dear friends on the FDA list gave me tips and tricks for doing her hair. In the end, since I wasn't able to go out and buy a Burger King Oreo shake and use the Big Blue Straw for hair rollers (something new to seek and gather for the treehouse!), I just misted and fluffed the lamb plate I used to wig her, trimmed it to a bob shape, and it worked out well. I might just finish this doll tomorrow, after all these months.
In other news, I want you to know that Gerry just hugged me and told me I'm wrong. (I can hear the gasps from here.) I guess my announcement that "Flippin' Big Brother Ralph Nader lives in my computer" triggered the sympathy hug. I think he just didn't want me to see him biting his lip.


Judi said...

She's lovely! I guess you'll just have to go for an Oreo shake some other day, LOL.

Did I tell you that the best serger book on the market is one of the Singer Sewing books? Great photos of out of balance stitches and how to fix them. It was invaluable to me. If you're interested I'll look up the name.

Shashi Nayagam said...

This doll is stunning. I personally think she doesn't need any bling with these beautiful colours and the layers. You did great Sue.

ambermoggie said...

amber in england

Kai said...

Those colors are marvelous! And I LIKE her hair as is! I'm glad you opted not to give her a curly 'do! Also, you are spot on in having her delicious colors BE the embellishment! Perfect! You HAVE to be so proud of her, Sue! She's wonderful!

Linda said...

Sue, she is absolutely beautiful. I just love the blue colors.