Saturday, July 14, 2007

By Popular Demand

By my *husband's* popular demand, I must add two more photos of the abandoned buildings mentioned in yesterday's entry. These are his two favorites, particularly the first:

Don't you just love the way the building is dwarfed by the tree/shrub next to it in the second photo?

And this one is another of my favorites because of the no-longer warm and comforting hearth:

Love that weathered wood. Oh, the things I'd love to do with a stack of that weathered siding.

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Kai said...

I just LOVE these! I can really relate to Gerry's attraction to abandoned homes. Last night the 2nd photo in the other post wouldn't show up for me, but today it does! And - don't laugh - I think that hearth IS welcoming. It simply needs a loving touch or two. I have a real passion for old abandoned toys, old houses, and old 'stuff'. Thank you for sharing these!