Monday, July 23, 2007

Martha Washington & The Shady Glade

Last year I had two of these gorgeous Martha Washington geraniums in my special pots on the deck railing. I tried to winter them over by putting them in the walk-out family room and keeping them watered, but I lost all but one small part of one of them. It finally came back enough to sprout some leaves and bloom. I can't remember the color name, but I think it's just beautiful.

Stepping back a bit, you can see the general shape, plus the unique (to geraniums) look of the leaves, too.

We are still in desperate need of rain. This is a view of the west end of the house, looking up from the pond. You can see how scorched and dry the hill looks. We have all new plantings below the deck railing, and Gerry has installed soaker hoses to make it easier to give them a good drink. (Yes, that's me at the railing.)
I spent a good chunk of time Saturday afternoon trimming and rearranging. I cut back the dogwood, the evergreen, and the pine that shadow the west side of the lower deck, then moved the little table & chairs, and switched around some pots. Here's a pic of Murphy, giving his stamp of approval on the new set-up. (Thank goodness he didn't give the rear-legged salute!)
Gerry took this photo of the table in the shady glade. Doesn't this look cool and peaceful?


Kai said...

I must confess, I thought that was a BOOK title! LOL! Wouldn't that make a marvelous title for a young adult mystery book? MARTHA WASHINGTON & THE SHADY GLADE by ... LOL! I love geraniums (actually my 2nd favorite flower - pansies being my fave) but had never seen that variety! What a gorgeous flower! And your yard is so lovely, dry or not! It's just perfect for a spread in a gardening or landscaping magazine layout!

Jacque Uetz said...

I love that geranium I have two different kinds one being an angel wing the winter make sure they get plenty of water..
Your yard looks like it could be in one of my gardening sure have an eye for landscaping!!

Linda Fleming said...

I would love to stroll around your yard- looks like a botonical garden. That is so neat you saved your geranium - it is so pretty.
We have finally gotten rain- days and days of it! LOL! I'm ready for it to stop now but the storms just keep coming- supposed to have storms the rest of the week. Yes, I wanted rain, but I am ready for it to move on to other areas that need it.

Loved the picture of Murphy!