Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I came across these jpg files on my computer...something I had done a while ago using http://www.typogenerator.net/ to make and save the images. My thinking was that I might use them later for backgrounds or possibly print on fabric and use the fabric in dolls and other art. All you have to do is go to the link above, type in a word or phrase you'd like to use, and the typo generator does the work -- tying together the words with images found on the net. Note the word "radiant" in the piece above. It rather ties in with my thoughts and posting with the self-portrait doll, no?

It was fun to work on these, using many of the phrases I have as part of my affirmations.


Kai said...

Oh, boy! I'm NOT the only one in love with Typogenerator! I have printed out SO MANY of them over the last year & used them in a variety of things! A person can spend FOREVER at that site! Love yours! Mine are somewhat bizarre - but then again, consider the source. LOL!

JudiA said...

How did you find this gem?? Wow, I can see I am going to have to spend some more time here. So many possiblities! Thanks for sharing.