Monday, July 30, 2007

Tropical Ohio

We were told that using "pond dye" would tint our pond water a lovely color, plus interfere with the sunlight, thus retarding the growth of algae. This would be a good thing, as we have been doing weekly algae harvests. We put in less than recommended, and still got this vibrant blue green color in the water. Dear husband thinks it's a little too fake, but I love it! I asked if it came in any other colors, like fuschia or violet, or maybe even lime green. Dear husband was not amused. Isn't it pretty? (Now if the grass would green up, just think how it would look!)


Judi said...

Oooh - lime green! I vote for lime green! Wouldn't that be a hoot! I have no idea there was pond dye - you learn something new every day!

Kai said...

I'd never HEARD of pond dye! The closest thing I knew of was the large amount of green food coloring put in the bayous here for St.Patrick's Day! And believe me, your pond looks INFINITELY better! I think the color is lovely! Of course now, a charming red WOULD be nice, too! LOL! Just kidding! Even I am not THAT red-crazy! (Hmmm ... I wonder if the color deters mosquitoes?)