Wednesday, July 18, 2007


It rained yesterday. Blessed, sweet, gentle, soaking rain. We hadn't had rain in over a month, and it was beginning to frighten me. I could deal with the lack of rain in a climate where that's the norm, but that's not the case here.

Even though we water regularly and maintain our plants well, there's just something different about real, honest-to-goodness rain. This morning, everything looked fresher and plumper and, well, happier!


Kai said...

Sue, your photos are especially GORGEOUS! Are you using a new camera? Those rain-kissed leaves are soooo worthy of framing! Just really beautiful!

Sue said...

Not a new camera, no. I just remembered to look for (and use) the macro setting. Makes it much easier to take those close-ups.

Linda Fleming said...

Beautiful photos, Sue! Your plants are gorgeous and the rain drops on them really look gorgeous.

Diane said...

I'm behind in reading... or you've wooshed way ahead, I can't decide which. We've been getting rain daily for weeks. Muddy waters.
Love what you're doing these days, the altered book looks good. I have stuff piled up for one, but I've got other deadlines looming - ha, a couple of weaving ones, now that I mention it.