Sunday, December 16, 2007

But it's not winter yet!

I thought the first day of winter was the 21st of this month??

We had a lovely day yesterday. We went to Little Italy to our favorite bakery for cookies and marzipan to send our children (who reside at the four points of the compass), had to make a quick trip elsewhere, then came back to Little Italy to get some pieces I'd seen in my favorite shop there - Xen Gifts. From there we went to an early dinner at one of the restaurants, and when we came out it was just getting dark, the snow began falling while we were inside, there were lights in the windows and music from some of the little shops. It was magical. Perfect ending to a satisfying day.

Today, not so good. The morning was 40 degrees and rainy, but the temps started dropping, the wind picked up and the snow began to fall. I tried to get some photos of the pre-blizzard time, while looking out from the garage door. You can almost tell the snow is driving sideways, when you look at the house across the street. And see our poor angels? Covered in snow, and still heralding.

We ran out to Chipotle for dinner, even in the winter blast. On the way back we spotted a house with LOTS of lights on it. You don't see that often, here. It kinds of looks like the Walmart house, but it also makes me happy, childishly happy. Here are a few of the pics I took of the brightly lit house:

And here's our neighbors house, with his herd of lighted deer:

Once we got home, we finished our wrapping. Cosmo helped.


Kai said...

Oh, the photos are BEAUTIFUL! I love all the lights, too. But, for ME, the neighbor's 'reindeer house' is magical. It's absolutely GORGEOUS. And you made me feel as if I were right THERE, hearing the music from the shops ... sigh! (By the way, I'm glad cutie-Cosmo helped in the gift wrapping! LOL! You KNOW I love that kitty!)

Jacque Uetz said...

I can relate to the first scenes Sue, makes me feel freezy.. what beautiful lights your neighbors have I do love all the Christmas displays..

Phyl said...'re "it"! I'm tagging you to list on your blog 7 random and weird things about yourself that others might not know! Then, tag 7 other bloggers to keep on going until we know everything about everybody!

Shashi Nayagam said...

How beautiful the lights are. Reminds me of scenes from Home Alone. Love your new header. Linda does such a lovely job of them

clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Lolo! As soon as we have a decently warm day I'm going to take the top off my jeep, drive up to Warrenton and visit a few of those shops you mentioned and get myself some of your world famous soaps. Soap is one of my favorite things to treat myself to when we travel. Every year when we go out to Colorado, or Utah, or Montana (they make wonderful soaps out there) I always come home with some sage and lavendar or sage and pine soap. Can't wait to see what you carry. Thanks for the tip. Oh, and these pictures of snow make me -- you guessed it - HOMESICK. Have you ever driven down Lake Avenue through Bay Village toward Westlake?? There are some beautiful lights up that route along the Lake. Sigh.....