Wednesday, December 26, 2007

In the Kitchen with Oldtimer

No, he doesn't really cook, but he does look good standing there, doesn't he?

And this year he gifted me with the Kitchen Aid mixer I've been whining about for a couple of years - in Ice Blue. It matches the kitchen ceiling.


Linda Fleming said...

Your kitchen is so pretty, Sue! And the Oldtimer is rather cute, too- hee hee!

Bear said...

oh Sue your kitchen is so pretty and I love your header --
Linda is so clever isnt she- its really all you!!
anyway happy holidays Sue
love n hugs bear xoxooxoxoxo

Judi Wellnitz said...

I like the layout of the kitchen - I'd love a kitchen 'bar' so people could talk to whoever is in there. Enjoy the Kitchen Aid mixer - they're great!

Michele said...

I got a Kitchen Aid too! Aren't they wonderful? Mine is very much like my serger--I don't use it all THAT often, but when I really need it, nothing else will do!