Friday, December 14, 2007


We watched a movie last night, while putting up our second Christmas tree. This tree went in the lower level family room, where the ceiling is high. It's a tall skinny tree - it just about touched the ceiling in the front hall of our house in Warrenton, where the ceilings are about 12 feet high. We decided to put it on the antique work table we bought a couple weeks ago, right in the corner between two tall windows that look out on the back yard.

It's so tall and skinny, the weight of just about ANYTHING causes the top to sway. That does not stop my Oldtimer, though. He climbed the ladder, put a rope around the chandelier to hold it out of the way, and then *lifted* the fully decorated tree onto the table. I've put an old lace tablecloth around the base as a tree skirt, and let some of the wonderful wood of the work table show.

This is the tree that gets the three hand-painted ornaments done by my friend Phyllis. I love those ornaments, though I know she grew weary of painting them. There's one there for Gerry & me, before Phyllis knew us, one she made for us as Oldtimer & Lily, and one she made for Cosmo. They are treasures.

We have another of these tall skinny trees. Perhaps next year we'll put both up, one in front of each set of windows - if I don't have so many plants to winter over.

Tonight I *might* just start the Christmas shopping. Yes, you heard me. All I have so far are a couple of things for Olivia, and some ideas. Pitiful. Of course, my son and daughter-in-law have only requested one thing - a year's supply of pepperoni bread! I figure we better get some shopping started - the weatherman keeps saying "The snow is coming! The snow is coming!" We'll see if he's right this time.


Linda Fleming said...

Okay, now where is the picture? I wanna see! It sounds lovely but... where is the photo????

Phyl said... forgot to post a picture of the tree, Sue! It sounds pretty; I can't believe those glass ornaments I painted years ago aren't broken by the moving and/or the cat!I'm only doing three this year; if I remember how.Hope you get snow instead of ice!