Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Fitting Wind Down

It's the wind-down phase of the year. A time that causes many of us to be reflective, busy, determined, and/or just plain worn out. This morning, I must have been a little worn out, as I slept late - or at least it was late for me. When I woke and crawled from the bed (a bed with fresh, clean sheets and a down comforter, I might note) it was after 7:30 am! Highly unusual for me, even on the weekends.

Oldtimer and I were nursing our first cups of fresh coffee, reading emails on our side-by-side computers, and I noticed movement over the loft railing and out the hexagon window below. At first I thought one of the dogs was in the back yard till I noticed the brown rump moving past the window was beyond our yard and on the landscaped berm that separates our yard from the neighbor. It was a nice-sized doe, ambling through the shrubbery and into our yard.

Oldtimer rushed in his (very sexy new plaid) robe to the door, I brought the camera, and we tried to capture the deer gathering in our yard.

The first shot (above) shows the barely discernable head and back of the doe, through the railing. Ultimately, we realized she was joining five others in our yard, and there were two more at our landscaped berm next to the road. One of the six in the yard looked very young, as though he just lost his spots last week!

Some kept watch, some began crossing the road, ultimately eight of them zipped catty-wampus across the neighbor's yard and into an open field area. What a beautiful, beautiful way to start the day. Eight deer, dashing toward the woods...Oh, here's the other thing that occupied my time this weekend - my new vehicle! Her name is Gypsy.


Linda Fleming said...

What a great way to start the day! Do you live on the edge of town?
And I love your new buggy! What kind is it?

Jo Anne Owens said...

Hi Sue! I found you through Monica's blog...and I have to say I feel like I know you already! You write a very fun blog and I will be back! Oh, yeah...I think you do look FAB for someone our age! :o) Smiles! Jo Anne

Kai said...

You were right - I DID enjoy that post! How cool to see deer in your yard! And your new vehicle is niiiiice! Very classy!

clevelandgirlie said...

Gypsy is gorgeous! I can see by your wonderful photographs -- what a lovely life you have there in Ohio -- with your deer, your deck squirrel, the snow and, of course, Oldtimer!!!

What a lucky gal!