Thursday, February 08, 2007

Angel Revealed

Now that the voting is over, and the winners announced, I can reveal my entry for the angel doll challenge. I had such a good time making this doll, and found it fascinating to see how differently we each interpreted that pattern. My doll is "Harmony" (my wish for the new year) and started with colors I find harmonious. The free pattern did not include a base or legs, and it soon became obvious that my interpretation was demanding to become a mermaid. Well, that's ok -- mermaids need angels, too, don't they?

I did a lot of hand beading on this one. The gold at bodice and wrists is all tiny gold beads, as is the tracery on the chest, and of course the fringe from the fluke. I'll do some close-up shots soon -- you really can't see the detail work this way -- unless you click on the photo and look at the larger version. Incidentally, both of these photos were taken before I covered the buttons at the shoulders.

No win for me, but that's ok -- I didn't even vote for my own doll, though the ones I did vote for didn't win, either. I'm tickled with this doll and taught myself new things once again. Detail photos soon, I promise.


Judi W. said...

She is a winner in my book! She is just beautiful! I love all the beading on her - very regal!

Shashi Nayagam said...

She is a winner in my book too. I love the colours you used and the beading and the interpretation of the pattern. Well done.

Kai said...

You already know I think she's gorgeous! Your attention to detail is such a trademark of all your beautiful dolls! Elegant, serene, lovely - all apt descriptions of this mermaid angel! Yes - Harmony! The perfect name!

Cherie said...

Oh Sue, she's beautiful! And a winner!
Cherie :)