Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Melting Snow

Lucky us! The temps hit near 40 yesterday and the snow did a lot of melting. I am so grateful for better temps and that feeling of hopefulness that comes with warmer weather.

Despite all that, this is still one of my favorite photos of Gerry with the snowblower. I'm such a Princess and the Pea person, and he's Superman. I couldn't stand to have this much snow on me, especially if any went down my neck. He just charges ahead and gets the job done. Can you tell I'm feeling very fortunate?

I have so many projects coming up! I'm hosting a "small fun figures" swap on one list, and an herbal soap swap on another. They both come to a head the same week. I'll have lots of pictures to post in March.

Last night I trimmed and polished the soaps I made for the herbal swap. It turned out a beautiful pale yellow, and I left bits of the infused geranium leaves in the base. Unfortunately, they darkened more than I would have liked. Still, the fragrance is one of my favorite personal blends...very green and sharp, with a hint of citrus. I thought my soap was cursed at first, but it turned out ok. It's a good thing I got the taxes mailed in yesterday, as I have a lot of participants in this swap, and there will be a booklet to put together and much sorting to do.

I heard from my daughter yesterday, and they've made some advances on the difficulties she was having getting Baby O to go to bed at night. I'm so pleased for the entire family, but I'm especially proud of my daughter. She is so thorough and determined about Baby O's care; I'm also pleased that they read to her all the time. She's 10 months old, and she's already turning the pages of the book when they read to her.

And in other good family news, Gerry was able to speak with his brother Sunday evening. His brother has been very ill since before Christmas, and the fact that they actually had a conversation Sunday night is a near miracle in my book. It's been a week filled with all kinds of news, most of it good!


Kai said...

Yes! Gerry is DEFINITELY a keeper! And I am 100% certain he feels the same about you! Glad you have your internet back! And VERY glad things are looking better for you weatherwise! Olivia! I've been dying for news of that cutie! As for your heavenly soaps, my friend - YUM! I could SMELL that geranium one as I read your blog!

Duane and Nancy said...

cool picture of Gerry. Maybe it's a guy thing, but I've always enjoyed shoveling snow. Of course, we don't get more then a foot or so and only once in a while, otherwise I might feel differently

Jacque Uetz said...

Sue I know what you mean about the weather, it is wonderful to see and feel sun again! Our snow is melting too!!I smiled when you described yourself sounds a bit like me LOL!!I need to order a batch of that soap when you get time..