Sunday, February 18, 2007

Light Cube, part 2

Sorry to take so long to post an answer to those of you who have asked (below). We had a plow come down the street yesterday with the dump truck portion up, and it ripped out our phones and cable.

Anyway, for those who asked, the tabletop light cube set was not cheap, but it sure is a treat to have. He bought me the whole deal...a 30" light cube, a 12" light cube, two light fixtures on tripods, and an extra backdrop. You can see the set I got here:

This takes a lot of room. I have it set up on a card table, with the lights shining in from either side. It makes a huge difference in the way things photograph. I think I'll finally get some pictures taken of the soaps I have for sale, too. There are logs of other options at the Tabletop Studio Store. Click home and check the other things available.

It was odd to have no internet access for a couple of days. Everything that we wanted to look up, from an area code to the name of the man who built our was all out there waiting and we couldn't get to it! Very strange. I did get a lot of extra housework done, though, and made a nice batch of soap in a two tone swirl. It's a new fragrance blend for me, and I'm not sure yet what I'm going to call it.

We've pretty much dug out-- we. Listen to me. Gerry has pretty much dug us out. He's a gem.

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