Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For Don

You had to be there...or maybe it's just as well you weren't. Hum to yourselves..."these are a few of my favorite things."


Kai said...

Either I am confused or really as much of an airhead as I sometimes fear. Raindrops on ... never mind. Whiskers on kittens? (Cosmo? Are you hiding?) Bright copper kettles? Hmmm ... Silvery white winters? CHECK! LOL! Okay, am I making a puzzle of the obvious, and these truly ARE just simply some of your favorite things? And where are YOU, Don the mystery man who inspired this lovely but ambiguous blog entry? A lovely SERENE picture. Yet - mystery or ...?

Sue said...

They are simply a few of my favorite things. Rare, rare, RARE sunlight, through clear colored glass, in a peaceful setting. Something that restores my soul.

Linda said...

The sun has returned in my little corner of the world and I am so happy!
Linda f from FL