Friday, February 09, 2007

Messy Studio Contest

Judi on the FDA list suggested that we have a messy studio contest. Several of us have taken pix as our studios stand right now...and no creating extra messes. I have an unfair advantage because last weekend I met with a friend who is moving away and she gave me 5 bags of stuff! I was doing the happy little piggy thing and sorting through all of it, so...the broken jewelry is still on the desk, the flowers on the floor, and the fabrics on the floor, too. I have pinned up a piece of fabric on one table so I could photo things in front of it., let's let you see for yourself. Bear in mind that this room is only 6 1/2 feet wide!

Looking toward east end. This is my main work area, and has the library/cutting table, sewing machine tables, and a desk at the window.

Looking toward west end of space. This is mostly storage. Note the flowers and fabrics on the floor awaiting storage.

Looking toward the wall with hooks & fibers. Sewing machines are underneath.

Looking at the storage shelves. There's also a stand of drawers on the other side of the desk.


This is what has spilled across the landing into the guest room. Yes, that is a tree root leaning against the footboard.

My mother's desk in the guest room. She must be spinning in her grave.


Kai said...

Sue Kurowski, if that's a MESS, I'm 20 years old and rail thin! LOL! Even your 'messes' are neat! I liked seeing your studio, tho'! It's fun peeking in on friends' work spaces!

Jacque Uetz said...

woohoo love your treehouse!!looks like lots of good stuff in there..

mariyarn said...

nice studio, genius rules chaos!! I just spotted the loom on your mothers desk, do you make any use of it? I trifted one this sommer, and just haven´t come around to weave...

Alma Stoller said...


It doesn't seem that bad to me.
I LOVE your fabrics and the trims on the wall.


BumbleVee said...

me I'm playing in your studio!! what fun! and what a bunch of fun stuff you have hanging about...I'm being really nosy and "biggifying" the pictures so I'm getting a snootful...