Friday, October 30, 2009

Elfling Class with Barbara Schoenoff

Last weekend I took a two day class in Akron with dollmaker Barbara Schoenoff. What a fabulous weekend! Barbara is a terrific teacher, the drive to A Piece in Time Quilt Shop was gorgeous (think of autumn sunlight on miles of gold, orange, and yellow leaves), and the company was delightful.

We had our choice of which of Barbara's Elfling dolls to make. Since I already had two of the other patterns, I chose Finn Darian. Just finished up tonight...a finished doll, can you believe it?!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Higgins, the Elf Who Kicked My Dupa

One of the doll clubs I belong to, The Doll Gatherers, does a couple of charitable things each year. Most of us agreed to make an elf from an Allison Murano pattern; they will decorate a tree and chances will be sold to win an elf. The money goes to help a children's hospital locally (via the real estate office that lets us use their meeting room).

ANYWAY - I was assigned the name Higgins for my elf. I don't often do elf type things, nor do I do male figures. Higgins made sure I didn't want to do any again soon.

Though I'm pleased with the end result, this is the most trouble I've ever had with a project. He took more time than any doll I've ever made! Lest you blame the designer, don't. I know the issues were mine, from the fabrics chosen on down the line. Because I was under deadline, I couldn't put him aside for another time, and I was DETERMINED to win (I've been living with Oldtimer too long). Now I am off to donate him before he torments me any further or the cat rips him apart.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wowzer - Swamp Queen RR Doll!

Way back in June, I posted a photo of this doll:
She was my start for the Cloth Souls Doll Club round robin amongst members. Each doll started as the bare body & head, with the face. She was passed four times - once for undergarments, once for outer garments, once for hair, and once for accessories. There was a story that went with each doll, via a journal, and everyone added their part of the story. The theme? "Queen of..." I made mine the Queen of the Swamp, and started her tale as the orphan of the Queen of the Gypsies, who didn't quite fit.

Tonight, I picked her up, complete. She is just marvelous! Everyone was so creative with both doll and story. Just look:
Can you believe that dress that looks like a lily pad in bloom? And her hair!
She even has swampy green gotchies!
I'm absolutely in love with my Swamp Queen. Thanks to all the great people who put their artistic touches on her!