Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Amazon Smile

Signing up for Amazon Smile is easy, and takes no money from your pocket.  Allow Amazon to be good community citizens, and make donations on your behalf.  You get to designate which charity you wish to support.  I suggest Pets for the Elderly!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Minerva's Quest

Earlier this year, I purchased an e-pattern from Linda Hollerich to make her "The Cook, The Thief, and Her Young Accomplice."  ( - if you go to the site, you can sign up for the quarterly newsletter, well worthwhile)

Because I'd taken a class with Linda last year, I felt I "knew" her well enough to offer to write up some lessons learned from the pattern.  She was just lovely with her response and asked me to write an article for her newsletter.  Since then, I've refrained from posting much in the way of photos of the process, so I wouldn't front-run the newsletter.  Since the newsletter came out yesterday, here are some photos of Minerva (all should be clickable to view larger).

After the doll told me her name - Minerva - I did a little research and found she needed at least an owl, and maybe a staff.  I was far enough along in the process to have trouble incorporating them.  She now holds a pearl in her right hand (for a "pearl of wisdom") and there's a small cage with an egg in it hanging from the staff that is resting on her shoulder.  Owl and moss at her feet.  

As a dollmaker, I've always said I wouldn't sculpt in clay - the most I would ever do is use another dollmaker's pressmolds.  Linda made it fun, not at all intimidating, and though I have much to learn, I'm willing to play with this process.  It's nice to have options!