Thursday, January 26, 2012

Upstairs Re-do; During

A few during shots - far from perfect lighting, all the usual apologies...

Over the weekend, our helper painted all the ceilings, and started on some trim work. Gerry taped ceilings, patched holes, ripped out more carpet and weird looking tack strips, etc. My entire contribution was emptying the fabric cupboard and loading it into the already-burdened living room.

The stairwell is dark, and had one wonky little single-bulb light in a 1960s Early American design. We finally replaced it. As you can see, the tape still has to come down, but I'm really happy with the wall color (Homestead Cream) and the satin finish of all the paint we are using, giving a little more reflective surface to bounce some light around:

This corner shot of the guest room gives a look at all the angles and issues to deal with - but isn't quite accurate with the color:
Another shot of the guest room - on my monitor, the color is a little more accurate. I love this color - Pale Cucumber. Note the nasty brown shag carpet still on the floor in this room:
Only the ceiling has been painted so far in my treehouse. The white that we are using for the ceilings and trim is my new favorite white, called Dove White (the color is from Lowe's line, but we buy Behr paint, just have it custom mixed). This room will be a different shade of green, slightly warmer. Both ceiling lights in the upstairs rooms have been replaced - I'll show you another time:
The poor, poor living room has had to accomodate all that has been boxed up and dragged down. What a mess (though Cosmo thinks he's found a new world to explore):
I've set up a temporary sewing/creative corner in the lower level family room. While I feel lucky to have the space to do this, it also makes it official that not one room in the house has escaped the two-room re-do. Of course, I also took this time to empty drawers of old magazines and try to sort them out and get rid of a few, as well as to empty the closet of clothing that no longer fits.
The new carpet will be installed next Wednesday, so we have a lot of painting to do over the weekend. We've also been doing a lot of research on how to put together the treehouse again for maximum storage and workspace, without disposing of any more goodies!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Visitors (Deer)

Last night as I left my desk for the day, and headed toward the stairs to fix dinner, I spotted this young doe across the lower deck. That's the closest to the house we've seen them. She appeared to be grazing through the garden area. So...since she had three companions, we decided to go to the apple farm today and get bags of horse/deer apples to supplement what they've found in our garden!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Upstairs Re-Do, Guest Room Before

Because the entire upstairs is being re-carpeted and painted, I'm showing some shots of the guest room, as well, even though it doesn't present anywhere near the challenge of the Treehouse. These photos are kind of "before" - before emptying, pulling up carpet, and re-painting. (Look! Some color on the walls!) However, they are not before things spilled into the room from emptying the treehouse.

This view is toward the southwest corner of the room. The window looks out on the front lawn and road. The maple bookcase has been in my family as long as I can remember - Lolo refinished it. The blanket chest was made by my grandfather. The bed we bought while living in NC.

This view is toward the hallway and the Treehouse on the other side. Those two sewing machines are for sale. That closet in the hall has (surprise!) floor to ceiling fabric. See those "60!" poofy centerpieces on top of the bookcase? Someday, one of them is going to be the base for a doll.The east wall - three closets. The left one has Oldtimer's off-season clothing, the right one has my off-season clothing, and the middle one has built in drawers full of... art supplies. I tried so hard to not spill into this room...
Though it doesn't look as challenging as the Treehouse, I've been working on breaking down this room for about three days now. I've packed up all the books and carted them down the stairs, but there is much more to do.

We got the carpet estimate yesterday, and of course it is more than we expected, and we thought we were over-estimating. Looks like we have two to three weeks to repair walls, paint, and get ready.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Upstairs Re-do - Treehouse During

The treehouse is empty. My Oldtimer spent most of Sunday pulling out ancient carpet and pad, yanking staples, removing quarter-round, etc. The only piece of furniture remaining in the room is the antique library table (the carpet installers say they can work around some pieces of furniture).
One of the things I could not understand when we bought this house, was the fact that it was listed as "freshly painted" yet it seemed so dull. As we've worked our way through the rooms, we've realized that almost everything was painted with the same, flat, refrigerator white - even exterior doors. I've speculated that it is all white primer, not even paint. This room is no exception.

The west wall, shown in previous post as the wall of shame:

The southeast corner:
The north wall, with the lonely window (which Murphy now LOVES to look out):
SOME of the holes to be repaired in the north wall. I think they installed the wall shelves with railroad spikes:

Also, a during shot of the stairwell. After pulling the carpet, my dear Oldtimer scrubbed this entire set of steps thoroughly. Please note the cat at the foot of the stairs:All photos should be clickable for detail - not that you'd really want it.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Upstairs Re-do (True Confessions?)

After six years living in this house, we finally agreed it was time to re-do "the upstairs." The 1970s era brown shag carpet was dreary, at best. At its worst, it was a vivid display of every piece of lint and strand of thread dropped on the floor. In a sewing room. Think about that one.

I thought it might be fun (no, that's not the word I'm looking for...) a good idea to document the process. Hopefully, there will be a significant difference.

We started with the tree house. My sewing/art/paper retreat at the top of the stairs. At 15 feet long and only 6 feet wide, the room is (was) filled to maximum capacity. Besides my collection of cotton fabrics, batiks, India silks, paints, beads, fibers and many other oddments, it is home to two sewing machines, a serger, and soon - an embellisher.

Oldtimer hassles me about it on a regular basis. He didn't believe I could get it emptied in one day, but I did. Now he's suggesting that when the new floor and paint are in and I'm ready to move back in, I can't take it all back in with me. We'll see.

So, in interest of full disclosure, here's a set of before photos. Later, there will also be during and afters of this room, as well as the guest room on the other side of the 3' X 3' "hallway" at the top of the stairs. (All should be clickable to view larger, if you are feeling brave.)

The north wall, with the only window in the room. I do most of my non-machine work at the antique library table under the window. The sewing machine and serger are opposite the window. This is what you saw when you walked into the room:

The east wall is short, because of the sloped ceiling. It houses a huge bulletin board and all the stuff I've printed out for inspiration. You can also see the vintage school desk shoved into the corner, housing most of my colored pencils, markers, etc.:
This is the top of the south wall. A rustic board full of hand-hewn hooks holds an assortment of fibers, beads, and displays the many ATCs I've been gifted. The machines, though not visible, are below these hooks:
The real wall of shame - the west wall, filled with paints and sparkle sprays and jars of buttons, tubs of buttons, drawers of clay faces and silk flowers. It's difficult to see here, but none of the wall shelves (which were here when we moved in) are straight across the wall; they are staggered, making it very difficult to keep things from keeling off the edges. It's crazy:
The lower portion of the west wall, and a good look at the ugly brown carpet:
(Boy, am I glad all that was generally behind the door.) Next up - a few "during" shots, now that the carpet is out (revealing an ugly Masonite subfloor - thus the decision to re-carpet), holes to be repaired in the walls, and the complete absence of my entire stash of art supplies.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Amish Country Butter

One of my favorite things to purchase when I make a trip to Middlefield Cheese. It's hard to get an outdoor lighting photo now that we have the steep slant of the January sun.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dark Madonna - Almost Done

This doll, the Dark Madonna, has been dancing in my head since the November fabric selection from Gypsy Pamela arrived. Throughout the holidays, I've snuck in work when I can, and am finally to the point of just having the last few stitches and finishing touches to place. (And yes, I know there are white headed pins still in the doll...)
Back view:

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Winter Blooms

My dear Oldtimer knows how I get when real winter sets in - frantic (trapped?) and low. It doesn't take very many days of winter to get into that frame of mind, either. He brought home some bright spots of indoor winter blooms to help alleviate some of that feeling. I'm so grateful!Magenta kalanchoe blooms for the dressing table in the bedroom.

A fabulous amaryllis on the buffet in the dining room.

Outside, the landscape is monochromatic - the only spots of color are the cardinals and bluejays in the lilac bush. (Well, the fire hydrant is a bright spot of red, but I don't make a habit of photographing that.) All images should be clickable to view larger.

Monday, January 02, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes!

This morning I took a photo of the morning sky pointed in the same general direction as yesterday, at just about the same time of day. Not only does it feel cooler - nearly 20 degrees lower than yesterday morning - it looks quite different. At least there's no mud for the dogs to track in right now!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

A Fresh New Year

A beautiful morning sky to start our fresh new year. Life is good.