Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Weekend Projects

Actually managed to accomplish quite a bit this weekend! I took a class in Akron, sponsored by the Time for Dolls club, with Ute Vasina. Ute teaches (and makes, obviously) fabulously individual trolls. Here's what I've done so far with mine - her limbs are just pinned on, her hair plopped on her head - but her shoes look GOOD.
For that same group, we're making our holiday table decorations - which was supposed to be a Santa. I started under protest, but got him started. Now that it can be anything Christmas related, I'm not going back. He needs some clothing... and a haircut...
Leaving for Jean & Sherry's Iowa Retreat on Thursday. We do a pincushion exchange there - this is my offering. It's supposed to be Halloween or Fall themed. I figure some Halloween witch got hold of this guy.
And for the Cloth Paper Studio group, we're doing a swap of zipper pulls/pendants made of Wilson Art laminate chips. Here are mine:
And to think - I have more things in the works, plus the class with Sherry & Jean! Can't wait to share when I return.

Monday, September 05, 2011

A Little Bit of Happy

Recently, I've kicked up soap production again, realizing that the cure time is just about perfect for holiday sales. After brilliant analysis, I realized I only had a few sheets of printable handmade paper remaining in the drawer in the soap room.
Off to Creative Papers Online (no affiliation) for an order, but was quite good at resisting all their other goodies that I thought should find a home in the art treehouse. EXCEPT - at check out I was offered a Super Papercraft Grab Bag! and it was affordable and I did it and I'm glad! That photo above is all the stuff I got for $12.99.
AND...yes, I went back and placed another order. I NEED skeleton leaves in copper. I am within inches (ounces?) of "maximum occupancy" in the treehouse.