Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm hosting a "puffy hearts swap" in the Cloth Paper Studio Yahoo group. The swap is three for three, and I've made four - though I think I may have to make several more so they don't look quite this Valentine-y. I'm thinking of putting them on bases to make a heart forest...

In order to ship them flat, and let the recipients stuff them and use them as they wish, one side has a small opening - thus the strings hanging out to enable the recipient to close them.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pin Doll Name Tags

I mentioned a couple posts back that I'd joined a new-to-me doll club, and needed a pin doll name tag. They even provided the pattern, face and a bit of fabric. Actually, there were two possible patterns, and I was so inspired, I had to make both, though I used my own fabrics, and one face that I had "on file."

One is serene, the other more joyful, but I love them both. Perhaps my mood will dictate which one I wear to what meeting??

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Art Doll Quarterly magazine - an opinion

I love the magazine Art Doll Quarterly. I have every issue, right back to the very first one, published in the Summer of 2003. Recently, it's been a little less inspiring for me, primarily because I felt the submissions for the Show & Tell section were a little less abundant, a little less exploratory and joyful. There also seemed to be a hint of staging for the "professional" dollmakers. (Does anyone else think Marilyn Radzat does NOT belong in the Show & Tell section?)

Don't misunderstand me - I can appreciate those who make and sell dolls; those who make glorious confections; those who move me with the spirit of their creations. I don't particularly understand those, however, who churn them out with dollar signs in their eyes.
I also appreciate those who teach and are willing to share techniques. Though my exposure to those who teach is somewhat limited, I've found teachers often fall into one of two camps - those who are teaching to make money and self promote, and those who are sharing the joy. Some teachers want you to make a doll that looks exactly like their class sample; others are thrilled when you spring off in your own direction, inspired by what they have shared. For my money, those who share the joy are the classes I desire.

I came to make cloth dolls, or art dolls, or soft sculpture (whatever you want to call it, as long as it differentiates from making Raggedy Ann for your grandkids) as a kind of therapy. When I was going through an especially difficult point in my life, entailing a nasty divorce and teenage children, I felt an internal desire to express what I was feeling through a cloth doll. I didn't know such things were being done - it was, I thought, all internal to me. Though it took several years, and the beauty of online friendships, I ultimately found what I needed. (An online course with Barb Kobe on healing dolls broke the log jam for me.)

But back to the magazine known as ADQ. I was thrilled to find it in my mailbox yesterday - another cold and dreary day. I was intrigued to see that elinor peace bailey had written an article on The Doll as a Tool. Then I read the letter from the editor, and was disappointed to see that there's a new, regular column on marketing your dolls. I experienced an instinctive sinking in the gut as I remembered myself a few short years ago, paging through and finding far more inspiration in the submissions for the "Bendy Doll Challenge" than I did with the perfect pieces, loaded with rare materials, and owned by the rich and famous. If I were to pick up my first issue of ADQ today, would I put it down, thinking "I'm not worthy"? (Hopefully not, if one gets far enough in to see articles like "Ladies in Waiting," "My Peeps," and "Misfit Art Dolls.")

Me? I don't want to create marketable dolls; I want to express myself. Thank goodness for the last paragraph of epb's article that read "I make art for myself. If you want to buy it, or award it a ribbon, that is your choice, but what I make is art that contains an abundance of myself in it."

Joy, soul, exploration, creativity - for me, that's what it's all about. Put the marketing articles elsewhere.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cabin Fever

Cosmo is restless. When he's not peering through the doggy door looking mournful, he paces from place to place in house, looking for new snoozing opportunities. Gerry's desk... (note the decimated catnip)

Behind the to-be-folded laundry...
Molly is destroying toys. Poor Gumby.

I made a fabric collage, but making the hanger for the back requires a trip to the garage, so it waits.
I'm hosting a "puffy hearts" swap over on the Cloth Paper Studio yahoo group. Perhaps working with some red and pink felt and lacy trims will move this cold front on through. First, however, I'm going to jam some rolled up rugs around the base of the exterior doors. Brrr!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Better Day

What a difference one day of sunshine can make! Though I'm still not winter's biggest fan, I'm feeling much better. I think the primary reason was the vision of sunshine outside my workroom window. After weeks of gray skies, this was a welcome sight.

On Sunday, I met with a new-to-me doll club, and was so impressed and uplifted by the friendly, happy members. I came away newly inspired, and spent a good day sorting fabric, sewing, cutting, and stuffing. In fact, this group wears pin doll name tags, and even the two patterns for the pin doll are such joyful shapes, I had to make one of each!

My work table is once again littered with body parts, I have other projects in the wings - but the other end of my sewing room is back to being a disorganized mess. It feels good!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Winter Blues

Actually, blue would be a welcome addition to my world right now. Can't remember the last time we had sunshine, or saw a blue sky. Another three months or so, and things should perk up - I'll just keep downing the Vitamin D!