Thursday, June 12, 2014

Monsoon Season

We heard on the radio yesterday that the beautiful sunrises of late are due to the changes in the atmosphere with the coming monsoon season.  The weather news is all about the coming monsoon season, full of safety tips, warning signs, and dates to be alert.  It reminds me a lot of the tornado preparedness season when I lived in Minnesota.  Whatever the reason for the beauty, I'll take it.

My internal clock must be set to read daylight.  I've been up and out of bed at precisely 5:20 am every day for a couple of weeks now.  The good thing about that is that I not only get to see the pretty sunrises, I get to see the few four-o-clocks that are blooming in the low-lighted and cooler part of the day:

This snail flower vine has been a real find.  We love the way it has taken over the shepherd's hook and is blooming madly:

And, let's see... what am I working on in the "treehouse"?  A collage on canvas, metal "fabric" similar to a Rebekah Meier technique, the Petie bird from Frowning Francis patterns, and sculpting ala Linda Hollerich :

Only the Petie bird is finished.  It seems I'm still dealing with my fear of finishing.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

New Project

On Friday, I found a project piece on the local barter and trade board.  I've been hoping for a second dresser for the empty wall of the loft.  We'll work together on this one - right now the plan is a refinished wood top with a distress-painted green bottom.  (I've chosen a color called asparagus.)  We also plan to do some accent walls and add some color.  Right now, we're thinking this wall will be a rosy terra cotta.  It should all work well with the beloved Sedona painting.

So, that's the before shot.  Don't expect the after any time real soon...

Here's an after shot, though!  Remember the "before" of the rock I posted?  Here's the after:

See, I do finish things once in a while.