Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Politics - Beware!

It's amazing...  Recently, I was speaking with a new-ish friend about my blog, which caused me to page back through time and take a look at what I've posted, primarily to see what she might come across.  Lo and behold!  Four years ago, a post about politics, and someone who shocked my self-awareness.

While most of the post centered around my hurt feelings and self-analysis (original post here -, much of it was triggered by what felt like the most negative, dire political season of my lifetime.  If I had been able to see the future, I would have relished the decency of it all.

It's not news to anyone who is able to read that this is the most ridiculous, embarrassing, and disgustingly lengthy political season we've ever had in this country.  I've grown weary of speeches that shock my sensibilities, of spin agents earnestly trying to make a silk purse of a sow's ear.  I worry constantly about what my granddaughters might be hearing on TV, or from playmates, for heaven's sake!

But I digress...  As worried as I am about many things that relate to this election season, I know that I'm not only unable to tune it out, I'm unwilling.  I suppose I'm a bit like a bird watching a snake - horrified by what I see, but afraid to look away.  However, I feel certain that this climate, this national state of mind, is really not good for us as a collective whole, no matter what side we take.  I'm afraid all of us, especially young people, are becoming desensitized to name calling, playing with facts, churning up violent thoughts, ridiculing others for appearance/beliefs/stature.  I'm no longer afraid of a collective ennui, but rather a collective toxic stew of fear and blame.  This is the stuff that creeps in and leaves an ugly taint on our spirit, one that could be impossible to remove.

Every morning, I have my first cup of coffee on my patio.  I enjoy beautiful sunrises, birdsong, the ballet dance of dragonflies over the pond.  I am filled with gratitude for the beautiful life I've led, every single day.  To survive the election season, I hope to take that gratitude and send it outward, in hopes that I can heal some small part of the despair that seems to overhang us all in this dreadful political season.  Every small step, every positive thought, helps turn the vibe from fear and negativity to one of hope and appreciation.

PS - the image above is from our family vacation six years ago - one of the lighthouses on our route.  I'm posting it as a symbol of casting light, providing hope.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Puppy Feet

BIG puppy feet, especially for an 8 week old.  We have a new family member - just a matter of days after the conversations that went back and forth about having had three dogs most of our married life; about the two we have being afraid to play with one another; and culminating with my comment that some days I wanted a third, some days I didn't want any.

When the ad came up for the puppies, my Oldtimer was instantly in love.  I hesitated.  Too much work, I said.  All that potty training and night time crying and accidents and limitations and, and...  And twenty minutes later we were in the car and looking at puppies.  This fuzzy bundle was the first we pulled from the pile of squirmiing sleepers.  Love at first sight.

Our second night's sleep was already better than the first.  He seems smart enough to try to hide the accidents in the house, in the room we use the least.  He's a fast little devil.

Names came and went - but as he played tug-of-war with one of Molly's old toys the first morning, it became clear that Tug was the perfect name, not only because of his attitude now, but because of how it will fit with the bruiser we expect him to become.

As to his new siblings...  Rosco is unnerved, Molly has apparently forgotten what it's like to have a furry playmate, and Cosmo hisses and looks longingly at the house next door, waiting for the seasonal residents to return.

As to the work load - I knew it was going to be high, but I had forgotten entirely how that level of high alert feels, the constant on-watch issues, and the need to let the other siblings know they are still loved. My Oldtimer has actually skipped golf for the second morning in a row, being the good supportive new parent hs is.  Despite that, I'm exhausted - and have no regrets.