Friday, October 31, 2008

Mystery photo...

On my computer, I set my screensaver to the "photos" option, and then set it to go through all my photo files. The newest version does some really nice transitions and backgrounds, as well as just paging through the photos. Sometimes it converts all the photos to black and white for the screensaver/photo show, and it's surprising how different a photo can appear when viewed in black & white. For instance, this one:

kept coming up looking like this:

It confused me at first, but then I realized it's a shot of one lonely little Cosmo paw, peeking through the deck railing. I love it - both versions.

It's a beautiful day here in NE Ohio - weather is warm-ish and sunny and my spirits are much lifted.

And speaking of Oldtimer is out in front of the house, trimming back the maple branches that were threatening to rub on the roof and siding this winter, so...I better go lift that pile of stuff to haul to the mulch pile!

Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


The "prettiest cat there is" remembers his growing-up years in the office supply section of Oldtimer & Lily. He's very grateful to find that someone still provides envelopes in bulk.

I'm so sorry this photo taken with my cell phone didn't turn out better. We had to stop and take a picture - unleaded gas at $2.59 a gallon. Who ever thought we'd be HAPPY to see that? (I'm so old, I remember the gas wars that dropped prices from 23 to 19 cents a gallon!)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday Morning

This morning I was glancing back through my blog entries for the past few weeks, and realized I haven't really posted any rants or complaints or words of advice. I can't imagine what has me so calm, but I don't have any to post this morning, either.

Perhaps it's the view outside my kitchen window, looking as though sunshine has dropped to the ground.

Or the promise of more to come.

It could be the view of seven fat geese taking off from our pond after a short pit stop.

I've been baking a lot of bread lately. Testing new fragrances. Cleaning house, preparing for winter, and the tensions of my job have eased a great deal, as well. I guess they all come in to play.

This morning, I have a routine dental appointment - perhaps that will give me something to complain about, but I doubt it. I even really like my dental office. I wonder if, after three long years, I've finally begun to settle in here.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Foliage changes, rock in place!

Though Spring is still my favorite season (the epitome of hope), I can't help but appreciate the beautiful fall colors - bright foliage against beautiful blue skies. The hardwoods here in Ohio are making their changes - and the beautiful tops of trees against the sky are so striking. Here are a few shots Oldtimer took over the weekend, from the vantage point of our driveway! (Can you imagine a drive through the countryside on a sunny day right now?)

My Oldtimer has a fondness for rocks and boulders as landscaping elements, so we went out a couple weekends ago and bought one on sale. (I'd like a big rock, too...preferably one that sparkles and fits on my hand.) We had the perfect place to incorporate it, and the young man said they'd deliver. Imagine our surprise (or at least MINE) when they dumped it off the back of the truck and left it for us to put in place! Standing it upright wasn't too difficult - levers, vantage points...all those manly things. Getting it positioned into the space once upright was another story.
It took a couple weekends of thinking, but we finally got it in place this past weekend. (Besides the thinking, it took a good amount of grunting and sweating, too - mostly by Oldtimer.)

And while stepping back to photo the rock, Oldtimer captured once again the serene scene across the ivy front lawn, with the fountain in the distance. I'm glad he captured this before the leaves start dropping...doesn't it look peaceful and lush?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Camera Phone Pix at the Minnesota Zoo

I just returned from a week visiting my daughter and her family. We had a lovely day at the Minnesota Zoo (I wanted to see the new Russian Coast exhibit - but we looked at everything) but we forgot to take the camera! Here are a few from my cell phone to view - even though the quality is lacking.

I thought it was interesting that a diver was cleaning the algae from one of the aquariums.
Before I left, Oldtimer & I were running errands and I saw a beautiful evening sky. I snapped photos of that with my cell phone, too.

Icon Doll - Finished

Her name is Nocturne. The wings represent the fleeting dreams, the papers are blue and gold marbled and look like a fabulous night sky. The hand-made glass ball on the back gives everything a finished look - and the swirls remind me of a Van Gogh painting. (Face cab by Linsart.)

Fall colors, surprise flowers

Nice fall foliage showing up - I love this view across the backyards and into the neighborhood behind us:

This is in the neighbor's plantings along the property line:
Another view through the foliage:
Here's a surprise blossom in my tropical plants pot:
And a little volunteer blossom on the sweet potato vine:
I love the play of sunlight and shadow on this group planting:

And this lone purple petunia:

I've forgotten the name of this rose colored plant, but it looks great with the elephant ears and coleus:

The Persian Shield is huge this year. The iridescence reminds me of fly wings:

Fall also seems to be spider season!