Sunday, April 26, 2009

In progress - Healing Sun Doll

Just a quick update on being somewhat creative! I've been in a group for several months now, owned by Chaska Peacock, called Creative Sparks. Sort of mini-classes and inspiration all rolled into one. (

We've been working on a Healing Sun doll, and this is what I've managed so far. I still have quite a bit to do!

I was so in love with the beaded fringe, I decided to make myself a "healing necklace" too.  There was something about the pink/orange/purple combo that made me so happy!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Experiment

I have yet to figure why some photos I upload are clickable and enlargable, and others are not. I thought it depended upon how much I cropped and edited, but that is not the case.

Last night, I quickly posted my photo of the week, and a couple others from the weekend. I did nothing to enhance, crop, or reduce size. I thought they would be clickable - I was wrong.

Here are the same three photos, changed - some with very little change, one with a great deal. I want to see what happens...

By the way, in the category of general grousing, I do not understand some other quirks of Blogspot, when it comes to editing.  When I first started using Blogger, I could drag photos around my post, but now more times than not, it balks at letting me drag a photo.  AND, when I upload multiples, I have to do it in reverse order of how I want them posted - which is a change.  I seem to do a lot of editing now on the HTML tab, trying to figure out where one photo ends and the next begins, so I can move it within the post.  Seems like a poor plan - probably some sort of enhancement for the geeks, but not for people like me...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Photo of the Week

Just under the wire! Sure signs of spring:

Forsythia blooms

Oldtimer throws out the first ball of the season (actually, it's fish food - and no, he doesn't wear his pants that high, he's wearing waders to install the fountain).

Cosmo surveys his (damp) kingdom from the safety of the tonneau cover.

It was a good weekend - we got a lot done.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Could Spring Possibly Be on the Way?

Sunset on the pond...grass is greening.  There is hope!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Photo a Day

This frog was hiding in the grass when my Oldtimer was doing yard pick-up this weekend.  Nice to see more signs of life around the place!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A Chance to Help

As many of you know, I work for an organization - actually a couple of organizations - that do charitable work.  Pets for the Elderly (my main work) happens to be focused on animal rescue, and one of my jobs is to write grants seeking funding so we can continue our mission.  I was telling my Oldtimer just this evening that foundations that have given to us in the past are sending us rejection letters, citing the poor economy and a general cut-back in their charitable donations.  It's pretty discouraging.

Then, tonight I read Bernie Berlin's blog - A Place to Bark.  I've long been an admirer of Bernie's from an art standpoint, but when she began doing rescue work in Tennessee, she really captured a big piece of my heart.  The woman amazes me, with her compassion, determination, and unrelenting faith that things will work out.  Imagine my pleasure when I found that her rescue work is involved with one of the shelters we have in our program.

When I have a little bit of extra $$, I try to send it to Bernie.  I have to admit that like everyone else, I haven't sent as much lately.  I hope you'll read Bernie's entry, here.  I hope you'll find some way to send whatever little bits you can spare.  I also hope you'll follow Bernie's blog, and perhaps make a purchase when she has her art auction.  Truly - every little bit helps, and their donations have been severely impacted this year.  The Hairy Boys and I thank you.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Monday Photos - Weekend Projects

Lots of sewing done this weekend - mostly because I have a new baby in the house.  Isn't she pretty?
Because of her, I've been a sewing fiend all weekend.  I started this pieced jacket that I've had planned for a couple years!
I'm close to finished with the Barbara Willis doll from the Think Pink Gala:
And I made a baby blanket for the new grandbaby due NEXT MONTH!
Now, Oldtimer doesn't think I should have this many sewing machines around the house.  Anyone need an older used Elna 700 or a lovingly maintained Husqvarna Platinum Quilt model?

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Joys of Spring

Now that Spring has poked her nose above ground, I've been trying to get some sunshine every day. As we wind down our office workday, I sit on a stool on a corner of the deck, read my book, and get some sun - trying to help with that Vitamin D deficiency.

Yesterday was such a perfect day, I felt energized and exhilerated and peaceful and happy - all at once. Every spring day seems so filled with hope and promise - Spring has always been my favorite season.

Apparently, the two geese who have taken up residence on the pond were feeling as giddy as I. As I tried to read my book, I kept hearing splashing and flapping, and finally just gave up and watched them twirl and tip and splash.

Both geese were ducking in the water, slaking the water over their backs and necks, and sometimes would dive and flap at the same time. At one point, one did a complete somersault in the water, and ended up with tummy exposed to the sky!

I finally decided to take a chance on missing part of the show and went inside for the camera. The moment I did, one goose left the water, and the show wound down. I did get these few photos, though, of some splashing and grooming - and not a small amount of showing off!