Saturday, December 21, 2013

Trees and Lights

We've gone all out, at least for us.  This is the most decorating we've done since before we bought the store in Warrenton (and that happened in 2001).  I think being in retail during the holidays takes a lot of the decorating desire out of you.

My dear Oldtimer has been in charge of the exterior, and I'm doing most of the things inside.  In fact, just four days before Christmas, and I'm still decorating! 

The tree in the window at top is an interior decoration meant to show from outside, so we both get credit for that one.
Counting the tree in the garage window, we have four trees this year.  As I said, the most since Warrenton!  (One year there our house had three trees in the living room alone, plus one in the front entry, one in the upstairs window, and one in "Alec House.")
This is the sentimental tree in the family room, filled with mis-matched ornaments and things the kids have made:

This isn't really a tree, but the dried bloom stalks from the plant out front, which got stuck in a bucket of sand, bucket wrapped in burlap and sticks got lights and ribbon:

This is the tree in the loft, showing to the outside, and matching our red and white theme there:

And this is what Oldtimer calls my Martha Stewart tree, in the living room.  I bet Martha Stewart would have had someone make her some tiebacks for the drapes by now:
We are finally enjoying settling in and making this place our own. Solstice blessings!