Saturday, May 23, 2015

May TAG meeting, other art projects

This will be a photo intensive post, with not much in the way of explanation.  At the April TAG meeting, we worked on Santos Cage Doll kits from Retro Cafe Art.  Some of those photos are posted here.  We've also done the small flat muslin dolls on canvas, pin dolls, and some of us took a weekend class May 9 and 10 from Barb of Joggles to make decorative papers.  Here are the photos - drop me a line with questions!

Yvonne's pin doll sample:

Carolyn's beaded cuffs: 

 Diane's Santos Cage Doll

Yvonne's Santos Cage Doll

Sue's Santos Cage Doll

Diane's flat muslin doll on canvas:

Yvonne's cats:

Sue's accordion journal (from Joggles class) 

Sue's wonky wood houses (from Joggles class)