Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Table Doll for CIFI

On Thursday I leave for New Mexico to have four days of creative play with other dollmakers. Many of us are making and donating "table dolls" and this doll (the "June" pattern, by Frowning Francis) is my offering. As I've told several other people, she is definitely going to be the wallflower of the party!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Rose Bowl

As I snipped these two pale pink roses this morning, wishing the "necks" of this rose breed were a little stronger, I remembered how delighted my mother would be with the occasional "too short" stem when she cut roses from the yard.

Lolo thought it was quite elegant to float a rose in a glass bowl - often a crystal ashtray or (more often) a custard dish. Many years later, when I was dealing antiques and collectibles in NC, I often found pretty cut glass rose bowls in glassware lots at the antique auctions. I'd never known that real bowls, designated purely as rose bowls, existed.

There are no pretty designated rose bowls in my glassware collection - yet somehow this worn custard cup, on a table next to my unpolished silver tray, seemed fitting.