Tuesday, August 06, 2013


We've had all three classes for Barbara Schoenoff's online class for a couple weeks now, but I'm still running behind.  I got a little time to work this weekend, and got as far as sewing and fitting the "hairpiece" - it still needs to be firmed up and attached, and the curls attached.  Still, progress!
When I did my update a while back, outlining the flora and fauna I've identified in our yard so far, I forgot to mention this little guy:

I know he's a roadrunner, but when I first saw him, seemingly dropping out of the sky, or perhaps launched from the neighbor's yard and over the wall, I called him a pterodactyl.  I had just stepped through the patio door, and first saw a huge, rumpled shadow, and then an ungainly, feathery landing.  It made the bird look a lot larger than it is.

Gerry was finally able to play "Knickers" golf this past Sunday with the group.  We'd given him his first knickers outfit for father's day, and it was good to see him put it to use!

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