Saturday, November 24, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Lately I seem far too distractable. All the things I've been meaning to photograph have languished on my camera card.  So here - in no particular order - are a few of the things I've wanted to share:

A Halloween wreath (no I didn't make this - but I love it):

Cosmo thought I bought fundraiser items from Olivia's school, just for his pleasure:

My doll-in-progress from a class in Akron with Christine Shively:

Some of the tags I made for the tag swap on the CPS list:

A stitched round-robin with the four elements interpreted in fabric (clockwise, from upper left - fire, air, earth, water):

Not yet ready to show, but in the works - pillows for Paige, four "pockets" for a swap on the CPS group, Mickey's mannequin for the round robin with Time for Dolls, and the steampunk version of the next exquisite corpse round robin.