Tuesday, April 26, 2016

April Flowers

Played with my "new" camera over the weekend.  (New, as in Christmas gift from Gerry...)  What better subject matter than the intricate beauty of flowers?
 Bower vine

 Cactus garden


 Martha Washington geranium


 Plumbago (above)

 Red Bird of Paradise

 Ladies in waiting (gazania and periwinkle vinca)


One of the majestic yucca blossom spikes crumpled in the wind.  This allowed me to get some close up photos of the blooms, but we've left it collapsed until the bees are done having their way with it.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Wonderful! Sad about the yucca stalk. Do they ever bloom again? Or do you just hope for pups to grow up and bloom?


Sue said...

Diane - This is more of a tree-like yucca, and it has bloomed every spring since we've been here. This year, it sent up seven bloom stalks, which is the most we've seen. We've been removing most of the pups, hoping it keeps the main plant healthier.

Rachel Murphree said...

Oh my, these are beautiful photos! what a great garden you must have. Thanks for the eye candy.